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What is Seesaw? Introduction For Families Introduce students' families to Seesaw! Families watch this video to learn what Seesaw is, how to connect and sign in, and how to use the Family app. Spanish translation available here:

Looking for more resources to get families started on Seesaw? Check out our Family Engagement Kit at

Family Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why can't I see activities my child needs to complete?
A: Students can only complete activities and post to their journal from the Seesaw Class app. As a family member, you use the Family app.

Q: When I try to create an account, it says my email address is already used. Why?
A: You must use a unique email address to create your Seesaw Family account. Your account cannot use the same email address as your child or as another family member.

Q: Do I have to connect to the Family app?
A: The most powerful influence on a child's achievement in school is having a family member involved in their learning. Connecting on the Family app allows you to engage with your child's learning and use multimedia tools to communicate with your child's teacher. It has a big impact on your child's learning. Plus, is handy to have everything in one place!