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Mrs. Harpel's Bio

Mrs. Harpel will be providing learning support services to third and fifth grade students at Mazie Gable Elementary. She comes here from Clearview and Windsor Manor Elementaries with MANY years of experience.  This is her tenth year at Mazie Gable. Before teaching she graduated from Dallastown Area High School.  Following that she earned her undergraduate degree from Millersville University.  She continues to take classes and workshops to gain more knowledge.  Throughout the years she has also taken Masters level classes.


Her children are Ben and Jessica.  Ben is 27 years old and loves to play and watch sports, especially soccer.  He graduated from HACC and currently is an assistant manager at a retail store.  Jessica is 32 years old and is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)  She loves reading, animals, and her family and friends.


Philadelphia sports are something her family and she REALLY enjoy!  She loves watching them in person and on television.  Reading is very relaxing and enjoyable for her.  Going on walks gives her much needed exercise. She loves spending time at the beach!

The most important thing to know is that she loves teaching!  Each summer she gets excited to get back to school with students.  Everyone will each learn so much!